Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photos of the Twins

Soon after we contacted Hope about adopting the twins they sent us photos of the twins. As I opened the photos to view them my eyes filled with tears. Seeing my children for the first time is something that I will never forget. I remember the first time that I saw Megan, Kaylee, Jacob and Lindsay on the ultrasound screen. A joy that is unspeakable each time- to know that God had blessed me with another precious life. These same feelings overcame me as I looked at the sad faces of our new son and daughter. Sad faces from fear from the unknown, pain from their circumstances and confusion as to why they are where they are. My heart broke as I longed to be there to hold them and tell them that everything was going to be ok. I wanted them to know that they have a mommy and daddy who are going to take care of them forever and four siblings who are going to love them like they have never been loved before. I couldn't quit looking at their precious faces and wanted to notice every small detail. I then noticed that there were more than one photo of each of them. I continued to cry as I looked at several pictures of our new family members. We continue to get photo updates from Hope and it has been a joy to see these sad, scared faces begin to brighten up with each new photo. I look forward to the day when tears can stream from my face as I see not a photo but two precious faces looking back at me -until then I will enjoy the gift of photos that God is giving to us as we patiently wait on Him to bring our children home!

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